Sustainability throughout the value chain

We are aware that the textile industry has a significant environmental impact. As far as possible, we strive to meet both eco- and ethical fashion criteria.
Materials from sustainable sources!

We only buy organic materials from our suppliers, Oeko-Tex certified materials and/or man-made textiles that use as little energy and water as possible to produce and are recycled.

Sustainable production!

We strive for minimum energy and water use in our manufacturing processes.
We have built up our own design team to implement a zero waste strategy, so that the textile waste we generate is recycled, used to design products and used in packaging.

Sustainable employment!

Recognition of our employees’ work, fair wages and good working conditions are very important to us. As our sewing workshops are mainly staffed by women, we place particular emphasis on supporting a good work-life balance.

Social responsibility!

We are a family business at heart. We believe in the power of family values to hold and keep people together. As a strong family, we take responsibility and commitment for our immediate and wider environment.
Family is also at the heart of our charitable decisions: by regularly supporting the St. Francis Foundation in Déva, we want to help ensure that children for whom the family bond is not a given can also benefit from the sustaining power of family.
We also fight fast fashion with all our heart and soul! Our aim is to restore the honor of the sewing profession: decent wages, decent working conditions and respect for all those who choose to take up this varied and creative profession. In addition to being affordable and environmentally friendly, slow fashion is a stimulus for the economy, as one of the pillars of the movement is to support the domestic economy.

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