About us

Our family owned business has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing lingerie, bed linen, sports leisure and sleepwear of outstanding quality.

Our services

Contract manufacturing

– Linen and nightwear
– Leisure and sportswear
– Home textiles

Individual projects

– From design to the catwalk
– Partnership with fashion designers, even with small series sewing

Zero Waste operation

– 100% recycling of waste

Our strength is our commitment to excellence

Our family business has over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of lingerie, bed linen, sports leisurewear and sleepwear.
With a team of nearly 50 people in Hungary, our outstanding quality awareness, creativity and flexible capacity ensure the satisfaction of our Hungarian and international business partners.
Decades of business relationships prove that outstanding quality, business fairness, solidarity, perseverance and responsibility for our immediate and wider environment are values that pay off in the long run.
Gala-Fratelli Ltd. aims to fulfil the requests of its partners, keeping in mind the triple bottom line of Quality – Cost – Delivery, ensuring the long-term maintenance of a fruitful and profitable partnership. Our aim is to achieve maximum satisfaction and confidence, and to this end our products are manufactured within a quality management system that is constantly being improved. We strive to fully understand our customers’ requirements in order to adapt our activities to their needs. It is important for us to operate a supplier network that provides the materials and services required for production in the right quality and at the right time, and from sustainable sources wherever possible.

Our core partners

  • The Local Government of the City of Celldömölk
  • MICRO STEP GmbH, Germany Bad Wörishofen
  • Allflash Produktions + Vertrieb GmbH
  • 4 Business Werbeartikel & Vertriebs GmbH
  • Optik Igel, Germany
  • Tar Csavar Csapágy Kft., Sárvár
  • Gloriette Fashion GmbH, Ausztria
  • Rovitex Hungária Kft.
  • Med & Bio Gyógyászati Kft., Szombathely
  • Yanfeng Hungary Automotive Interior Systems Kft.
  • Polidor Line Kft., Tata
  • The Local Government of the Municipality of Köcsk
  • Termotel Kft., Celldömölk
  • The Local Government of Halászi”
  • Tar Csavar Csapágy Kft., Sárvár
  • Páhi Autószerviz, Aszófő
  • Walter Auto Kft., Sopron
  • Bosch Car Service- Celldömölk TM Auto
  • Gössl GmbH Salzburg

Contact us


9500 Celldömölk, Építők útja 10.

+36 20/912-0796